All windsurf boards, especially the wave boards are one of the most technologically advanced laminated products which consists of over a dozen layers. All of them are subjected to compression, twisting and stretching. They have to survive extreme pressure and temperatures from – 50 degrees Celsius in the plane cargo hold to +70 degrees Celsius on a sunny day. 15 meter high jumps and flat landings? Not a problem! Even 5 meter waves and protruding rocks? Who hasn’t experienced that or hasn’t seen it in a movie? Windsurf boards don’t have an easy life.

Windsurf boards consists of a lot of layers, parts and steps, but even the best highly selected materials which we use put in the wrong place won’t mean a thing. Fortunately, due to our vast experience and numerous tests on water, we know how to join them in one perfect body getting the light and high durable construction. We take care of every detail to be sure that our customs are the best choice for you.

All our boards are CAD designed and precisely CNC shaped. Through the whole production process all stages are supervised by Stefan Leciejewski who is the owner and creator of the PULS Boards. All boards are shaped by him and can’t leave the workshop without his quality control.  We make every effort to ensure that you receive a reliable, well-made product in the shortest possible time. Our main priority is quality over time!

Everything we do is to ensure that you and your board will have a longer lasting relationship.

Below you can find constructions which we developed and recommend for you:



The lightest available CORE material. The heart of almost each board.

Styrofoam puls boards


All our boards are Computer Aided Designed. In next step we cut them on our own  CNC machine. That process gives perfect accuracy and repetitive shapes.

herex puls boards


We use different weight and thickness PVC foam to get best balance between lightweight and strength.

herex puls boards


45 degree carbon fiber gives the best stiffness to the flex and strength ratio. We use different weight fabric in different places for the best effect.

puls boards technology


Unidirectional fabrics provide very high strength along the grain. We use them exactly where we need


Old good fiberglass. Presents the best relation between price and strenght. 

Puls Boards glass fabric


100% made by PULS  biaxial carbon  POWER boxes, TUTTLE boxes and SLOT boxes. Lightness, stiffness and tightness closed in high density PVC foam. 


puls boards boxes


10mm, CNC cut, dual density EVA diamond pads provide great shock absorption and grip. Ride becomes more comfortable.

puls boards eva pads


If we cannot make something ourselves, we use best available.

puls boards mast chinook


Full adjustable, medium-hard PULS footstraps, additional equipped with two layers of neoprene foam for better comfort.

Your feet will love them.

puls boards footstraps


Our boards are equipped with the best fins in the windsurf market. You can choose K4 or MUF fins.


Hard UV resistant clear polyurethane lacquer protect resin and graphic from the sun light and scratches.