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After three years of severe beatings, two broken masts and many more abuse, my first prowave is still in great shape.
It’s hard to beleve how strong these boards are.

I love this board!
Not only because of it’s strength, but because it’s shape is perfect for Northsea conditions.

Now I’m exited about the new MAG, so I bought my second Pulsboard.
After the first board, my expectations are pretty high!

Lex – Netherlands –

PRO wave 105


“We received the Intro 95 and I’m mailing you just to tell you how good it looks!!

Build is fantastic, very very good. I was really impressed.”

Peter – Netherlands –

INtro 2.0 95


“I did only 2 short sessions on the MAG.
But till now I am verry happy with your work. Love the board. On the wave it is verry good. Good in bottum and top turn.
What I like a lot is that if you are waiting/staling in front of a wave it only needs a little kick to pick up the wave.👍😁.”

Rene- Netherlands –

MAG 112


” Last week I was able to drive the Intro with a 6.3 Torro in onshore conditions. I liked it very much, very well for jumping. More feedback when the conditions were better..”

Gunnar – Deutschland –

INTRO 1.0 115


“I took the 102 with 5.8 And that turned out very well!
The board is planning earlier than you would expect!
The waves were small And had no power. Despite that i managed to do Some waveriding. This is exactly why i bought this 102! I can imagine that the wind range with this board is incredible! With a 4.2 And asmall Fin, This board could be manageble.
I am very pleased ! This is a fine piece of work, Stefan! “

Ronald – Netherlands –

MAG 90 & MAG 102