When you create a board, the first thing you gotta ask yourself is where it's gonna be used the most. And that's why we decided to start from European conditions boards. We spent countless hours testing prototypes and we finally found a shape that matches our on-water performance expectations and a construction that does that in terms of durability.


PRO Wave is the best choice for someome who needs versatile board. This shape is also the most popular among our customers. Well matched fast rocker keeps good planing but also is really good for turning. Vee double concave bottom shape combine with long hard rail gives huge amount of grip and great waterflow through the turns. Added volume around the mast increases wave-catching ability and gives extra easy in float-and-ride conditions. Large double concave in the nose smoothly cuts every chop that comes on your way.




- rounded squash tail

- thruster setup

- full Vee double concave

- fast rocker

- side fins with slight toe

- full painted graphic

- balanced volume

- full volume rails




How to Order


To configure your board go to BOARDS CREATOR page .


- decide on the model and technology


- customize your board


- add extras


- choose the graphic


and at the end, you can also place the order.