1. After ordering we'll personally contact you by email to finalize your order and define all important details

2. We'll start building your board after receiving 50% of payment in advance.

3. Production process should take about  6-10 weeks.

PULS Boards


Phone: +48 501 598 113

E-mail: info@pulsboards.com

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You feel like none of our models matches your needs? No problem!


If your homespot resembles firing Ho'okipa, you'll need something completely different than for a 50 knot day in Pozo. You're 100 kilos? You'll need something completely different than 60-kilo Thomas Traversa for instance. And that's exactly why we cooperate with Riders and Testers of all sizes, making boards for everywhere they go in the World. Thanks to that, it's enough to tell us what are you looking for in a board and we'll find the perfect combination of outline, rockerline, rails, volume distribution, fin setup etc, which will make the board feel like a tailor-made suit. And what if you have some spaceship-like shape that you really wanna try? Even better! We're always keen to learn, try new stuff and enlarge our database.


Below you can find a lot of possibilities to customize your board:




You can choose one of 3 possible rockers:

-allround is the most versatile rocker. Good compromise between turning and fast planing.

-fast rocker is good for bump & jump ride and spots with a lot of current or onshore conditions

-turny rocker, recommended for radical ride with tight turns.




More speed for jumps and helpful through the upwind sailing (the most versatile set for European conditions).

More grip on big waves and in high-wind conditions, better for down the line.

Five fin boxes for better fit to different weather conditions.

Additional center fin offers more grip than in twin.


Our standard stance is 45-50 cm.  And what is your favourite?

Footstraps width

Standard footstraps width is 15 cm but if you have smaller foot or you want to hold your board better you can choose narrower footstraps width.  


Our basic wave construction. Combination of double carbon sandwich in the most loaded areas, biax-carbon layers from the tail to the mast box and Dyneema nose and tail reinforcements. Best balance between strength, impact resistance and price.



Production: 2 years

Breakage: 1 year


Super light and reactive ride. Double carbon sandwich in the most loaded areas connected with full light biax-carbon deck and bottom  gives perfect relation between weight and stiffness. We put also additional Dyneema reinforcements on the  nose and  tail and e-glass band on a rail.



Production: 2 years

Breakage: none


HARDCORE WAVE construction.

Biax-carbon layers from the tail to the mast box and full Dyneema bottom and deck makes your board high jumping, hard landing and rocks-crusher machine. In the most loaded areas you can find double and triple carbon sandwich.




Production: 2 years

Breakage: 2 years


Custom Board Order

Twin fins offer a maneuverable and fast loose  ride.